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Château de Pechrigal
Modernised Medieval Castle in France

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The Chateau de Pechrigal is a medieval castle with a majestic entrance. The castle has a distinguished history under the Séguy family under the ancien regime. It passed to the Perie and Dreyffus families and then to Léo Ferré one of the greatest composers and writers of French songs in modern times (ranked along with Georges Brassens and Jacques Brel).

Built in the 14th century the Chateau has recently been completely renovated, and is available for exclusive hire, weddings and other family events, vacations and corporate events.


Exclusive Hire
Private Events
Executive Vacations
Corporate Events
Activities & Facilities

You can rent the entire Chateau de Pechrigal for your wedding or event or vacation. The chateau can hold 300 guests for wedding receptions or family gatherings, seminars and corporate events.

The castle has 16 bedrooms with bathrooms en suite, all tastefully decorated and furnished with period furniture. The pool house has one very nice double bedroom. The dove cote two very small bedrooms. By using additional beds, convertible sofas etc, the castle can accommodate up to 50 guests.

The garden has a beautiful view over the park and the country, it is ideal for a welcome cocktail party. There is a swimming pool with jacuzzi, lighted tennis court, fitness center, sauna, and much more.

Located in the heart of historic Quercy and Perigord, the renovated castle will be your ideal home for exploring the many local archeological and historical sites. Chateau de Pechrigal is perfect for accommodating groups of 10 to 40 people in utmost comfort and refinement.

With miles of jogging tracks in the 100-acre park, a lighted tennis court, sauna, fitness center, hot tub and a huge heated swimming pool, the Pechrigal castle will satisfy the most demanding sport-minded visitor. Whether you come for a day or for a month, you will want to come back.

Whether you are looking for a prestigious vacation home, of an executive residence for your important guests or for a family reunion, the Chateau de Pechrigal will meet all your requirements and will enchant and impress everyone.

Next to the large living room designed with comfort in mind, you will find the dining room where you can sit and dine up to twelve adults. The impressive guardroom has a grand piano and monumental fireplaces which contribute to the coziness and the warm feeling of the place, and complement the top-of-the-range radiant floor

The kitchen has been totally re-modeled with modern appliances in a style decor: stone tiles and cabinets with gothic carved relief doors.

Sixteen bedrooms are available, all extremely comfortable with bathroom en suite, telephone, TV, and broadband internet.

The first language of the owner is English, which makes communications easy for English speaking guests.

A French speaking onsite manager, Jean-Pierre COURTIOL, can be contacted on his French cell phone number, 06 86 04 57 74.



Château de Pechrigal
46300 Saint-Clair

Telephone from the UK: 00 33 5-65 27 13 56 ext 601
Telephone from the US: 010 33 5-65 27 13 56 ext 601
Telephone from France: 05-65 27 13 56 ext 601
Telephone from other countries: +33 (0)5-65 27 13 56 ext 601




Google Maps


Small scale map showing the location of
Château de Pechrigal

Google map showing the location of
Château de Pechrigal

Large scale map showing
Château de Pechrigal



The Chateau de Pechrigal can accommodate weddings or family reunions of up to three hundred guests. They will see the majesty of the castle from its dedicated access road.

For your welcome cocktail, you can use the lower garden from which your guests will enjoy a panoramic view on the surrounding forest and countryside

The yard of the castle, covered with medieval stone tiles, will accommodate tables and chairs for up to three hundred guests.

The concert hall, is entirely vaulted can be easily converted into a huge ball room by adding a dance floor.

The bride and the groom, and selected guests will be able to stay at the castle. Sixteen bedrooms are available, all with private bedrooms and tastefully furnished with style furniture. Many hotels in the vicinity will be able to accommodate your other guests, no matter how many you have.

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Exclusive Hire, Events and Vacations


In addition to weddings The Chateau de Pechrigal is available for all types of exclusive hire, by private individuals and corporations.

For private individuals, examples include:

  • Birthdays, Christenings & Anniversary Parties
  • Family Groups and Reunions
  • Seasonal Get-togethers with friends such as Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties, New Year's Eve Parties, Valentines Day Parties, St Patrick's Day Parties, and so on
  • Vacations

When you rent the castle for a family reunion, wedding or function (typically a 2-day rental), you may rent the castle in whole or in part.



For companies, examples include:

  • Private Business meetings, Private conferences and Private seminars, Closed-session Brainstorming, Incentive Packages
  • Corporate team building
  • Product launches, Press trips, Press Conferences and Launches
  • TV and film location shoots, Photography shoots of your products
  • Tradeshows
  • Residential Recording Studio
  • Courses such as Residential Management Training Courses, Residential Health and Therapy Courses and Residential Motivational Courses

The minimum rental includes:

  • up to 16 bedrooms
  • use of the Chateau de Pechrigal:
  • use of the yard and of the lower garden
  • use of the large vaulted concert room of approximately 900 square feet.
  • use of the small vaulted room of approximately 500 square feet.

Full rental includes in addition

  • all 16 bedrooms
  • use of the pool house and pool area
    • use of the pool area 8000 sq ft approx.)
    • use of the preau (820 sq ft approx.)
    • use of the pool house kitchen (300 sq ft approx.) and of the barbecue
  • the chapel, the vaulted concert rooms, the use of sport facilities.

The rate includes electricity and heating.


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Activities and Facilities


Swimming Pool. Built at the beginning of 2007, the superb swimming pool of the castle brings you the relaxation and rest you need. With a pool-side area of more than 500 square metres, a 60 square metres pool, a diving board, the swimming pool is adapted to both relaxation and sport.

Jacuzzi: Close to the swimming pool, the circular jacuzzi is conceived to welcome eight people. Relax with a drink before going to the swimming pool.

Tennis: Built in 2007, the porous concrete tennis court with standard dimensions enables you to play after the rain. For those who would like to practise their drive, backhand or volley a tennis ball throwing machine is at their disposal. You can play tennis at night thanks to a halogen lighting. If you need a fourth or a second player, ask the owner, he will be delighted to play with you.

Fitness Centre: Built by the owner, the gym provides modern equipment for body-building or cadiovascular exercises. There is a machine with 5 different positions for body building. For the cardiovascular work we provide two bikes and a stairmaster. There is also weights and dumbbells. The gym could be part of a professional fitness centre.

Sauna, Hammam, Turkish Bath: With about 2x3 metres, the sauna / Turkish bath, conform to standards, and can hold eight people. Near the swimming pool, you only have to take a step to plunge into the fresh water.


More Activities and Facilities


On Request or Nearby

Horse riding
Mountain bike
Table tennis
Food tasting
Garden, park, woods
Horse riding
Wine, champagne and liquor tasting

Horse riding
Thalassotherapy, balneotherapy
Visit monuments and places of interest
Water sports

The vineyard of the Chateau de Pechrigal is in full development. With a cepage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the Chateau de Pechrigal produces a wine of superior quality deserving to age 5-6 years as a minimum. Try the last "millesime" and compare with previous years'.

Three horse carts are available to experienced carriage drivers for local exploration as in medieval times. Visit the nearby sites, or drive your cart for a visit to the Gourdon open air market.

With more than 100 acres of park and forest, a large domain is at your disposal for trekking and walking trips in nature and at your pace. Catch a glimpse of the deer or observe a pheasant. Taste the fruits of the orchard or walk up to the vineyard, this is real nature!

The Ceou river nearby is the playground of trout and many other fish. Bring your gear and explore the nearby rivers for trout.

Although small in size, the planned golf practice will allow you to maintain your put or your swing right on site.

For those who cannot survive without an occasional cookout, a good size barbecue is available to the guests of Pechrigal next to the pool. Just contact the staff as needed

Four recent Indian canoes are available to guests to paddle down the Dordogne river nearby at your own pace. Four different canoe trips are offered. Leave when you want , and for the duration of your choice. At the end of the day, call us and we will come and pick you up where you are.

Nearby are Numerous attractions, including other historic castles, historic towns, abbeys, churches and caves including the famous caves at Lascaux, Pech Merle, Cougnac, Lacave, Padirac and Les Eyzies.


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